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Andrew Speta
Age 43
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood Type B
Birth Date 11/2
Height 6'5"
Weight 210lbs
Occupation Marine Admiral (Former)
Town of Origin  ?
Devil Fruit Denki Denki no Mi
Epithet "Splash Kick" - "Colfer" (Admiral)
Family  ?

Andrew Speta, otherwise known as "Colfer", is a Marine Admiral.

Appearance Edit


Andrew is always seen praying when he isn't fighting. Being highly spiritual, he tends to push his beliefs on his fellow marines. He says that Piracy is an act of the devil and that devil fruits are God's way of combating them. He hates it, for that reason, when pirates have devil fruit abilities. He tends to be absent minded in battle, dodging enemies attacks, seemingly by luck, only to notice the opponent after the dodge and hit them with "divine fury". This may also be him playing with his opponent before going in for the kill, as in his fight with Hyobachi, he was completely focused.


Andrew has the power of the Denki Denki no Mi.

In addition to his devil fruit powers, Andrew has mastered all of the Rokushiki techniques as well as Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku haki.

Special AttacksEdit

Topknot Spinroll - Andrew generates light on both of his hands, pushing himself towards the enemy, not unlike Arlong's "Shark-on-darts".


Standard Devil fruit weaknesses.



Past EventsEdit

Current EventsEdit

After the destruction of the Mokuzai Family's home base, Andrew resigned from the Marines. It is currently unknown where he is.

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Colfer has been seen making some pretty stupid faces -

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