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Eiko Chiyouhatsu
Pre Timeskip - Post Timeskip


Age 14, 15 (Timeskip)
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood Type A
Birth Date 8/7
Height 4'9", 5'3" (Timeskip)
Weight 140lbs, 155lbs (Timeskip)
Occupation Pirate
Town of Origin Shukasen
Devil Fruit  ?
Current Bounty None
Epithet "Channeller"
Crew Blackwing Pirates
Family Sister

Appearance Edit



Eiko may have the ability to see the future, as her family does, but she hasn't shown signs of it yet.

After the timeskip, Eiko has gained the ability to channel the spirits of fallen soldiers to gain their fighting abilities.

Special AttacksEdit



Milana Chiyouhatsu - Sister


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