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Escalvier Caputei
Pre Timeskip - Post Timeskip


Age 43, 44 (Timeskip)
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood Type AB
Birth Date 3/16
Height 6'5"
Weight 230lbs
Occupation Pirate, Shipwright
Town of Origin  ?
Devil Fruit Bugu Bugu no Mi
Current Bounty 13,000,000
Epithet "Living Metal"
Crew Icewave Pirates
Family  ?

Escalvier Caputei (カプテイ エスカビエル Kaputei Esukabieru) is the shipwright of the Icewave Pirates.

Appearance Edit


Escalvier is very open about his opinions, going as far as insulting a fellow crew member, thinking it's conversation. He has trouble with keeping secrets. He has a soft spot for his daughter who was kidnapped by the World Government and brought to Vegapunk's lab due to an unusual chemical her body produced. He became a marine to one day find her and save her. He begged Hyobachi to take him on his quest because he knew that Hyobachi might just make it to the New World, where he could finally reunite with his daughter.

Gallery Edit

Escalvier Caputei2
Escalvier Concept


Devil Fruit - Bugu Bugu no Mi - Armor Armor Fruit Escalvier's fighting style tends to revolve around getting hit by his enemy and then hitting them harder when they get into range.

Special AttacksEdit

Spend Crusher - Escalvier rushes into his enemy crushing them against a wall.


Standard devil fruit weaknesses. Escalver is very bad at keeping secrets, or holding his tongue in an argument. His devil fruit doesn't protect him from piercing attacks, as in an impact dial.


Hyobachi Yukizu - Captain

Araigen Rensutsu - First Mate

Reichi Kahnsmithe - Cook



Trivia Edit

Escalvier, like all other members of the Icewave Pirates, has his own pirate flag.


Escalvier was originally made to be a marine captain with an extreme hate for pirates in a fanfiction, but when the fanfiction was scrapped, Escalvier became a pirate.

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