Kashi - Haku Haku no Mi
Haku Haku no Mi
Full Word Haku
Meaning Oak
English Name Oak Oak Fruit
Type Logia
Power The ability to turn into and generate oak.
Eaten By Kashi D. Mokuzai

The Haku Haku no Mi is a logia class devil fruit that allows the user to transform into, generate and manipulate oak.

Appearance Edit

It looks like a tree stump with a green leaf.

Strengths Edit

It allows the user to transform into, generate and manipulate oak.


Haku Haku no Shumoku

Oak Oak Bell Hammer: Kashi transforms his arm into oak and smashes his opponent.

Infinity wood drill wrecker/killer

wreck Kashi generates a "rocket" drill bit (if you dont know what that is look it up) and fires a wood fist at his enemy. The drill continues to turn as it destros armor and other defences.

Killer is your standered drill.

Weaknesses Edit

Standard devil fruit weaknesses.

Since the Logia type is oak it is more vunerable then other logias, in the same way Crocodile can be hit by water its owner can be hit by fire.

It reforms slightly more slowly then your standerd logia.

Trivia Edit

Despite fire allowing other people to hit him Kashi has found a way to acually use fire to make himself stronger.

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