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  • No vandalism! Do not post nonsense in other people's articles.
  • No creating blank articles. You are allowed to begin an article and finish it later, but we expect at least some substantial information to start it off.
  • No creating articles for canon characters, Devil Fruits, etc. This copies from the One Piece Encyclopedia and clutters up the Wiki. If you need to link to canon information, just link to the information's page on the One Piece Encyclopedia like this: [(link) (text of link)]
  • Articles must fit the standards of this Wiki! If this is your first time editing, then you need to look at other people's articles and figure out how things are properly formatted! Ignorance of this rule will most likely result in your articles being removed.
  • Articles must be properly categorized. If you are unsure of what categories to use, please see Special:Categories.
  • Please try and comment on other people's articles. It helps encourage them or advise them on what they did wrong.

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Devil Fruits

When creating a new devil fruit, put a link to it in this page. Then put {{Template:Devil Fruits}} at the bottom of your page.