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Raibaku_Inabikari_Timeskipsmall.png Raibaku Inabikari

Age 27
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type O
Birthdate 11/11
Height 5'11"
Weight 192lbs
Devil Fruit Aku Aku no Mi, Model: Lightning Demon
Former Bounties 76,000,000
Bounty 320,000,000
Occupation Former: Pirate Captain, Current: Pirate
Epithet "Akuma"
Family Unknown

Appearance Edit

Raibaku bears a strong resemblance to Araigen Rensutsu, although they are not related.


Raibaku is very pushing, and always gets his point across. He is not usually one to follow orders, but in the situation of Sukimaru, he is playing along for now.


Devil FruitEdit

Raibaku has the power of the Aku Aku no Mi, Model: Lightning Demon which allows him to transform into a half-demon and full demon form. He also has flight and power over lightning.


Raibaku has mastery over Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku haki and has used them in conjunction with his devil fruit.

He also has mastery over Tekkai, Shigan, and Soru from his home training dojo.

Special AttacksEdit

Raijin - A basic lightning slash.

Raijin Zero - A huge lightning slash laced in Busoshoku haki.




Raibaku was once a Tailor in his home town until a pirate vs marines fight destroyed his store. He left to be a pirate after that.


Raibaku has left the Akuma pirates in control of Bad Luck so that he can assist Sukimaru D. Yukizu on his quest to find the Taju Taju no Mi.

Trivia Edit

Raibaku was originally a demon doppelganger of Araigen, but when transferred over to One Piece, he just became a guy that looks like him.

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