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Ukumi Kuron
Pre Timeskip - Post Timeskip


Age 43, 44 (Timeskip)
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood Type A
Birth Date 3/7
Height 6'5"
Weight 190lbs
Occupation Pirate, Swordsman
Town of Origin Hallowed Tsuiki
Devil Fruit None
Current Bounty 92,750,000
Epithet "Moonlight Wanderer"
Crew Icewave Pirates
Family Brother, cousin

Ukumi Kuron (クロン 憂き身 Kuron Ukimi) is the swordsman of the Icewave Pirates.

Appearance Edit

Ukumi is a man in his early 40's, but looks as if he is in his late 20's. He has black hair, sideburns, a goatee and blue eyes. He wears blue jeans, a red shirt and a black overcoat. He carries his sword on his belt.


Ukumi was a man bound by honor, until he was betrayed by his brother when they were both teenagers. Ukumi got a scar across the left part of his face during the ordeal. Ukumi was once learning with the World Government scientist Vegapunk, until he betrayed him and further pushed Ukumi's inability to stay with someone for too long. Ukumi likes to travel alone for the most part, but likes to have people with him as long as they aren't there long enough to betray him. Ukumi's mind is being changed by the Icewave Pirates who have saved him twice when they met up on their travels and a third time making him join their crew.


Ukumi carries a silver katana around with him. The name of the katana is "Shisong Silvia", one of the 21 O Wazamono Grade Swords. Ukumi is also good at creating technological enhancements for the ship and the crew's weapons.


Busōshoku Haki: Color of Armaments

Kenbunshoku Haki: Color of Observation

Other AbilitiesEdit

Rokushiki: Six Styles

Ukumi has mastery over Soru and uses it in two of his three "Level" attacks.

Special AttacksEdit

Shining Level: First Warning- Ukumi slashes with his sword while blinding his enemies with the light reflecting off of it.

Bursting Level: Second Warning- Ukumi's sword starts exploding on impact to his enemies as well as cutting them.

Rampaging Level: Unending Torment- Ukumi puts his sword away and starts to walk casually towards his enemy waiting for attack. When attacked, he moves at superhuman speeds to draw his sword and annihilate his enemies.


Ukumi isn't good with jokes at his expense as well as ridicule.



Hyobachi Yukizu - Captain

Araigen Rensutsu - First Mate

Reichi Kahnsmithe - Cook

Escalvier Caputei - Shipwright


Arthis Kuron - Brother

Kurami Kuron - Cousin

Vegapunk - Cousin



Trivia Edit

Ukumi, like all other members of the Icewave Pirates, has his own pirate flag.


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