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Pre Timeskip - Post Timeskip

Ukuzen_Kaeda_Timeskipsmall.png Ukuzen Kaeda

Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type
Former Bounties None
Bounty 183,000,000
Devil Fruit Aku Aku no Mi, Model: Shadow Demon
Town of Origin
Epithet "Blackwing"
Pirate Crew Blackwing Pirates

Ukuzen Kaeda (榧駄 浮く前 Kaeda Ukuzen) is the captain of the Blackwing Pirates.

Appearance Edit

Ukuzen is a young man in his teens. He has red hair and green eyes. He wears a gray hat with a blue bandanna, as well as blue jeans and a red coat. After the timeskip, he wears an orange suit with a blue tie and he keeps his red coat.



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Past EventsEdit

As a boy Ukuzen really liked pirates. his father was a pirate and dreamed to be the pirate king but died so Ukuzen wen't to go fulfill his fathers dream. As a kid he lived alone because his father was at sea and his mother had passed away when Ukuzen was born. Ukuzen didn't have friends either, the only person he was close to was a man named Sukimaru D. Yukizu. Sukimaru left after a few years to be a pirate so Ukuzen was officially alone. Ukuzen managed to survive years of hunger when Sukimaru came back. he gave Ukuzen money too live on and said his goodbyes. Ukuzen used half of his money for a ship and headed off to be the best pirate king in history.

Port of Beginnings - A False StartEdit

Ukuzen made his way to Port Kalven, a small port town on an island of the same name. He was happy to start his adventure, but made a big error. He decided that he was invincible, never setting foot off his home island. He was beaten up by a group of veteran pirates for mouthing off to them. He was nearly beaten to death, but saved by a girl named Yukiko Kaihaku. She easily fought off the veteran pirates, and told Ukuzen he should be more careful, that maybe he should stop by the Kaihaku dojo near the center of town.


Yukiko joins Ukuzen a year later and they set sail for the Grand Line.

Summoning to HQ - JoyousEdit

After Ukuzen's davy back fight with Benjiro Hatsuharu he was summoned to Marine HQ.

Current EventsEdit

At somepoint, Ukuzen was recruited by the Marines into being a Shichibukai.


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